Yearly Archive: 2007

QMC2 0.1.b11 released

This is release 0.1.b11 of QMC2, which we proudly present to the public!

QMC2 0.1.b11 is a major milestone on our way to a final 0.1 release. There are just a few features left which need to be implemented until 0.1 final can be released.

The current release includes a lot of bug fixes, some major improvements and many new and important features. The most important ones are:

  • Import & export of global and game-specific MAME configurations
  • PNG game icons
  • Support for BIOS ROMs
  • Gamelist cache (tremendous speed-up at reload)
  • Support for alternative image sets
  • Shortcut & GUI control key remapper

See change-log for more information.

New shortcut & key remapper in SVN / 0.1.b11 release scheduled for X-mas

Long time without any updates? No, the development was going on :)!

A lot of bugs were fixed recently, and all of the features planned for 0.1.b11 have been added meanwhile. The last one being a new built-in remap function for shortcuts & GUI control keys, which should be a very handy feature for users of MAME cabinets and sticks that map their controls to key-strokes.

We are right now beta-testing all new functions. The release of 0.1.b11 is scheduled for around X-mas if no show-stoppers show up.

BTW, Qt 4.3.3 can be confirmed to be fine (see previous news)!

Slow ROM state filtering again (Qt 4.3.2)

The reason for the dramatic slowdown of the ROM state filter with Qt 4.3.2 has meanwhile been found. It’s a performance issue of Qt 4.3.2 and Trolltech is working on it.

There has been some correspondence with the responsible Qt developer. He is aware of the problem and working hard to fix it (I’ve seen other trouble reports as well). Trolltech will improve their performance testing to minimize the risk of such issues in the future.

As a short-term workaround – even though it’s a bit risky, because it can cause crashes (I’ve not seen it crashing, though 🙂 – is to change src/gui/itemviews/qtreeview.cpp in the Qt source tree and comment out line 545 (“// d->executePostedLayout();”). Rebuild Qt and have fun :)!

Slow ROM state filter with Qt 4.3.2

I tested Qt 4.3.2 which was released a few days ago… basically everything works fine, but somehow the ROM state filter is extremely slow when Qt 4.3.2 is used!? I have no clue yet what could be causing this, but obviously something relevant has changed between Qt 4.3.1 and 4.3.2…

Anyway, all I want to say is keep away from Qt 4.3.2 for now – at least for QMC2 and until I’ve found the reason, a workaround or fix :)!

Style / color palette bug fix

The current SVN codebase includes a fix for a fairly old bug which was just recently discovered. QMC2 didn’t correctly honor custom color palettes for specific GUI styles which may have been setup with qtconfig. Together with this fix there is also a new setting (StandardColorPalette) to let the user decide wether or not to use custom color palettes.

ZXMameCD 0.48 with QMC2 0.1.b11 SVN released

Armin Schmidhuber wrote in to inform that ZXMameCD 0.48 (32-bit) has been released today. It includes SVN revision 240 of QMC2 (0.1.b11), which is currently under development.

Armin also sent a KHotKeys (KDE) definition file for QMC2, which can be downloaded from the download section. Simply import this file into KHotKeys, redefine your keys according to your cabinet controller (an X-Arcade stick for example) and control QMC2 w/o a keyboard.

Note that this is meant to be used as a temporary workaround for QMC2’s yet missing keyboard & shortcut remap functionality. It is planned to be included in 0.1.b11 final, so it will not require KDE when it’s finished.

INI/RC import & export, new preview image packages

The current SVN revision (r240+) includes a new feature to import/export global and game-specific MAME configuration files (mame.ini/gamename.ini in case of SDLMAME, or xmamerc/gamenamerc in case of XMAME). This enables you to easily exchange MAME configurations between different QMC2 installations, and to run MAME with the exact same setup regardless if it is launched via QMC2 or from the command line (or how ever).

Also note that the preview packages have been updated to include images for over 6400 games. See download section!