Monthly Archive: July 2007

QMC2 0.1.b10 released

This is release 0.1.b10 of QMC2, which we proudly present to the public!

Included in this release there are many new features such as image- and sample-checkers, individual ROM checks, more sort criteria (year + manufacturer) and game icon support. Also, there have been some major improvements to the build system to allow for distribution-dependent configuration and to make it easier to use Qt libraries supplied by distributions.

QMC2 0.1.b10 now also supports Qt 4.3! However, please note that with Qt 4.3 it takes a few seconds for QMC2 to exit. Be patient, it WILL exit gracefully, and therefor we don’t see it as a real bug. Nevertheless we will try to “fix” it as soon as we find a clue to what could cause this :)…

See change-log for more information.

First beta of ZXMameCD-64 released

Armin Schmidhuber has just released a new beta of his great MAME Live CD – this time for 64-Bit systems. It includes a fairly recent SVN snapshot of QMC2 as its frontend (same as in the 32-Bit version).

I’ve done some tests myself and was impressed! You really should try this out if you don’t want to bother with setting everything up. ZXMameCD makes it very easy: you don’t have to install anything… just enjoy the emulation (and QMC2, of course :)!

I have to admit that for optimum performance and to be able to save/restore your configuration, you will have to do some changes to the Live CD, but this is very simple.

See the ZXMameCD homepage for more information!

Online docs from SVN repository / Development status

To better keep you informed of any changes made to the project documentation, the online docs presented here are now directly taken from the SVN repository. This also makes it easier to keep this site up-to-date :).

You’ll see that we are making great progress with 0.1.b10. The only missing feature – of those planned for this release – is the removal of obsolete image or sample files. Also, some of the new features (esp. the new sample checker) haven’t been tested with XMAME yet.