Monthly Archive: August 2007

Fix for exit timeout “bug” with Qt 4.3+ in SVN

There have not been too many changes to the project since 0.1.b10 was released, but we wanted to let you know that the reason (and a fix) for the strange exit behaviour with Qt 4.3+ has been found. As you might have already noticed, it took extremely long for QMC2 to exit when Qt 4.3 was used (eating all your CPU while it was exiting… really strange :). The fix is now in SVN and works great for Qt 4.2 and 4.3, allthough it didn’t happen with 4.2.

It seems there have been changes in Qt 4.3 on how parent widgets delete their children… the fix basically was just to reparent the global MAME options widget to a NULL parent (which means NO parent at all) to avoid the widget destruction by Qt.

Also note that Qt 4.3.1 is out for a few days now and includes many performance improvements. QMC2 works flawlessly also with this release of Qt.