Monthly Archive: December 2007

QMC2 0.1.b11 released

This is release 0.1.b11 of QMC2, which we proudly present to the public!

QMC2 0.1.b11 is a major milestone on our way to a final 0.1 release. There are just a few features left which need to be implemented until 0.1 final can be released.

The current release includes a lot of bug fixes, some major improvements and many new and important features. The most important ones are:

  • Import & export of global and game-specific MAME configurations
  • PNG game icons
  • Support for BIOS ROMs
  • Gamelist cache (tremendous speed-up at reload)
  • Support for alternative image sets
  • Shortcut & GUI control key remapper

See change-log for more information.

New shortcut & key remapper in SVN / 0.1.b11 release scheduled for X-mas

Long time without any updates? No, the development was going on :)!

A lot of bugs were fixed recently, and all of the features planned for 0.1.b11 have been added meanwhile. The last one being a new built-in remap function for shortcuts & GUI control keys, which should be a very handy feature for users of MAME cabinets and sticks that map their controls to key-strokes.

We are right now beta-testing all new functions. The release of 0.1.b11 is scheduled for around X-mas if no show-stoppers show up.

BTW, Qt 4.3.3 can be confirmed to be fine (see previous news)!