Monthly Archive: January 2008

QMC2 nearing its final 0.1 state

Today we’ve uploaded support for the last missing planned feature for 0.1 to SVN – the removal of obsolete image files & samples from directories or ZIP archives. It’s done by the use of external tools (like rm or zip) that are executed through a simple and new tool executor class which will pop up to display the tool’s output.

Time for some final tests… feedback welcome :)!

Again, thanks for your support.

The QMC2 dev-team

QMC2 and Ubuntu 7.10 / Call for testers

We’ve been asked for Ubuntu support several times, because many Ubuntuers seem to have trouble compiling QMC2 on this Linux distribution. See this thread for more information about the current status on Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon, which is now also supported with the current SVN revision! However, note the possible performance issue due to the most likely buggy Qt 4.3.2 library which comes with Gutsy Gibbon!

Regarding the current development status, we’ve just recently added some new features and several bug-fixes (one is major) to SVN. It’s probably a good idea to start updating to the latest SVN revisions, because it’s not far from final. There’s just one last feature left to reach 0.1, so we would like everybody to thorougly test QMC2 and report bugs or any other types of problems either by mail to the qmc2-devel mailing list (preferred), by using the bug-tracker or the help forum at

Thanks for your support!

The QMC2 dev-team