Monthly Archive: January 2009

Happy new year / QMC2 0.2.b6 released

Happy new year everybody :)! Today we proudly present QMC2 0.2.b6 to the public!

This is a major update as it’s the first version with preliminary and basic (but working) support for SDLMESS. The QMC2 build process now produces two separate binaries (one for each emulator) – qmc2-sdlmame and qmc2-sdlmess – decided by the value of the EMULATOR make option. SDLMAME is the default, so there’s no big difference if you don’t care about SDLMESS :).

Be warned that we had to change a number of (formerly) front-end related settings to be emulator related now to be able to separate the MAME and MESS variants from each other while using the same configuration file (~/.qmc2/qmc2.ini). This means that you may have to reconfigure some file or directory settings if the automatic ini-conversion doesn’t work as expected (actually, it should work, but we can’t promise that for all use cases).

The support for SDLMESS is called preliminary and basic because it doesn’t support any MESS devices (cartridges, cassettes, floppies etc.) yet, and due to the different concept of MESS (compared to MAME) we’ll need to extend the favorites management dramatically from what’s available for MAME right now. This will most likely be started (or even be done) in the next release. We know that it makes the MESS support somewhat useless for end users at the moment, but that’s just a temporary situation, and it seemed more important to us to first prepare the groundworks before we start to specialize on it :). However, every other aspect of MESS is supported cleanly – in the same fashion as you are used to with MAME. This even includes full support by the ROMAlyzer and all other well known QMC2 features.

This release’s configuration template is sync’d with SDLMAME 0.129 and SDLMESS 0.128. Following are the most important changes since 0.2.b5:

  • Once again: preliminary and basic SDLMESS support 🙂
  • Separated MAME and MESS related caches with new default file names (~/.qmc2/[mame|mess].*)
  • Important ROMAlyzer updates to determine ZIP integrity errors, to show additional CHD header information and to correct the recursive search for ROM files in special cases
  • Build system: pretty compilation output, improved support for distributed compilers and compiler caches, avoid common build problems
  • All UI files were regenerated using Qt 4.4’s designer and Qt 4.3 is no longer supported (though you may still be able to build it using Qt 4.3 in the short term)
  • GUI updates in many places such as tab-icons for all major main widget functions and additions to the welcome dialog
  • New ROM status export tool which allows to export the state of your sets as ASCII, CSV or HTML to file or clipboard
  • Improved support for all current MAME and MESS game (or machine) parameters

Note that you should remove the file /etc/qmc2/qmc2.ini before you install the new version system-wide. The SDLMESS additions require some new default settings for the individual configuration templates which will otherwise not be setup automatically.

See change-log for more information.

Have fun,

The QMC2 dev-team