Monthly Archive: March 2009

QMC2 0.2.b7 released / Mac OS X support added

QMC2 0.2.b7 has been released today! The configuration templates are in sync with SDLMAME 0.130 and SDLMESS 0.129 (if required, a patch will be posted here as soon as SDLMESS 0.130 is available — update: no patch required).

This release marks a great step forward in proving QMC2’s multi-emulator and multi-platform capabilities. It’s also a major overhaul in many areas, including a lot of new features and improvements as well as a number of important bug fixes.

It is the first time that QMC2 fully supports SDLMESS, which basically means that it now includes a clean mechanism to configure MESS devices on a per machine basis. QMC2 0.2.b7 should give you a fairly slick experience with MESS, although you may still miss a few of the planned future improvements mentioned on the todo list (more automation on device setups, favorites management and previews/flyers for device configurations). One should always keep room for enhancements :)!

Both variants — qmc2-sdlmame and qmc2-sdlmess — can launch one another utilizing the new runonce utility, which is now part of the project and installed as an additional binary (it’s optional, though, as it is only required if you are going to use the QMC2 variant launcher).

Thanks to Vasantha Crabb who has joined the dev-team just recently, QMC2 now also supports Mac OS X! Vas did a great job in improving the build system within days to allow for out-of-the-box builds on the Mac. He’ll be maintaining the Mac port from now on. Welcome to the club :)!

The most important changes since 0.2.b6 include:

  • SDLMESS: full device support through the new MESS device configurator — integrated into the main widget
  • Mac OS builds are cleanly supported now
  • Single-instance variant launcher to start (or raise) a QMC2 variant from another
  • New ROM state toggles in main widget (including new remappable short cuts)
  • ROMAlyzer improvements: beautified file status icons, measuring of the elapsed time for an analysis, checksum colorization (and more)
  • Parent image fallback: allows to fall back to a parent’s image if an individual clone’s image doesn’t exist
  • Display game/machine descriptions in preview and flyer images (optional / on-demand)
  • Vertical game/machine status indicator (optional / on-demand)
  • All QMC2 variants are now separately configured within the settings, while cloning an existing configuration of the other variant (as far as meaningful)
  • Many bug fixes

Note that we recommend to use Qt 4.5 as it gets you major speed ups in pretty much all areas (most noticeable when loading the game/machine list). On Mac OS X it even fixes a few functional glitches (compared to using Qt 4.4). Apart from that, QMC2 will still build and run fine on systems that are only prepared for Qt 4.4, but it’s perceptibly slower.

Many thanks to all who helped making this release possible!

See change-log for more information.

Have fun,

The QMC2 dev-team