Monthly Archive: July 2009

Updated templates for (SDL)MESS 0.133

(SDL)MESS 0.133 has been released last night. Here are the quick links to the updated templates:

Either replace these files in the QMC2 0.2.b10 source tree and reinstall it, or put them in the paths where they have been installed (the default installation places them in /usr/local/share/qmc2/opt/… on UNIX and Mac OS X; on Windows, just replace the files in the directory where QMC2 has been installed/extracted).

QMC2 0.2.b10 released

Today we proudly announce the release of QMC2 0.2.b10. Besides a few bug fixes, the most important changes in this release include the following:

  • Built-in support for dynamic loading of Qt style sheets
  • Support for PCB images as an additional game/machine detail
  • New MAWS quick download feature (supports manual and automatic downloads of images that are usable by QMC2)
  • Greatly improved download retry logic & timing
  • Enhanced ghost image with rounded corners and a semi-transparent shadow

Emulator-wise, QMC2 0.2.b10’s configuration templates are in sync with SDLMAME/MAME/MAMEUIFX32 0.133 and SDLMESS/MESS 0.132. Template updates for SDLMESS/MESS 0.133 will be posted here as soon as it’s available.

Windows users should note this: case-insensitive obsoleteness checks (image- and sample-checks) are currently/still not working correctly. For now, make sure to use only lower case letters for all PNG files (i. e. galaga.png instead of Galaga.PNG) or ignore the obsoleteness check results on Windows!

See change-log for more information.

Have fun,

The QMC2 dev-team