Monthly Archive: September 2009

ZXMameCD 0.74 released

Armin Schmidhuber has released ZXMameCD 0.74 today!

The changes and updates this time include:

  • DBoxfe – Frontend for DOSBox 0.7x
  • Bugfix ZXMenu
  • MAME/MESS 0.134 (Update)
  • QMC 0.2.b12 SVN (Update)
  • QMC2 Stylesheets (Update)
  • ZXMenu Update (NVidia driver rotate functions + autostart)
  • ZXMenu for displays >=600×400/400×600
  • SDL Libs 1.2.13 compiled with support for vertical screens
  • NVidia settings workaround for TV-out overlay settings (autoload)
  • tested with VGA2Scart cable (xorg.conf on
  • tested with NVidia TV-out

Updated / fixed templates for (SDL)MESS 0.134

Updated / fixed templates for (SDL)MESS 0.134 have been committed to SVN. Here are the quick links to the updated templates (use save link as in your browser):

Replace these files in the QMC2 0.2.b11 source tree and reinstall it, or put them in the paths where they have been installed. The default installation places them below /usr/local/share/qmc2/opt/… on UNIX and Mac OS X; on Windows, just replace these files within the sub-directory structure of where QMC2 has been installed or extracted.

QMC2 0.2.b11 released

Time for another update… QMC2 0.2.b11 has been released today!

The most important new feature this time is the addition of an option to hide the primary game/machine list while it’s (re)loaded, which speeds up processing tremendously (so it’s enabled per default). A few more or less important bug-fixes went in as well. Overall, it’s mostly a maintenance release.

This version is in-sync with SDLMAME/MAME/MAMEUIFX 0.134 and SDLMESS/MESS 0.133 (template updates for 0.134 will be posted here later when required).

See change-log for more information.

Have fun,

The QMC2 dev-team