Monthly Archive: August 2010

Updated templates for (SDL)MESS 0.139

Updated templates for (SDL)MESS 0.139 have been committed to SVN. These updates aren’t really required, but the default value for the option writeconfig should be changed from false to true (this is the complete opposite from MAME, BTW). You can either change this manually (see below for template file locations) or use the updated templates — it’s up to you.

Here are the quick links to the updated templates (use save link as in your browser):

Replace these files in the QMC2 0.2.b16 source tree and reinstall it, or put them in the paths where they have been installed.

The default installation places them below /usr/local/share/qmc2/opt/… on UNIX and /Library/Application Support/qmc2/opt/… on Mac OS X. If you installed QMC2 from a binary package on UNIX, the templates will most likely be stored in /usr/share/qmc2/opt/…!

On Windows, just replace these files within the sub-directory structure of QMC2′s installation path (or where it has been extracted). The templates are then stored in the relative path dataopt…!