Monthly Archive: April 2011

Updated templates for (SDL)MESS 0.142

Updated templates for (SDL)MESS 0.142 have been committed to SVN.

Here are the quick links to the updated templates (use save link as in your browser):

Replace these files in the QMC2 0.2.b19 source tree and reinstall it, or put them in the paths where they have been installed.

The default installation places them below /usr/local/share/qmc2/opt/… on UNIX and /Library/Application Support/qmc2/opt/… on Mac OS X. If you installed QMC2 from a binary package on UNIX, the templates will most likely be stored in /usr/share/qmc2/opt/…!

On Windows, just replace these files within the sub-directory structure of QMC2′s installation path (or where it has been extracted). The templates are then stored in the relative path dataopt…!

QMC2 0.2.b19 released

Today we proudly announce the release of QMC2 0.2.b19, which incorporates a great number of improvements, bug fixes and new functionality — the latter mainly related to the ROMAlyzer and the emulator embedder.

The most important changes in this release include:

  • ROMAlyzer improvements: faster identification by CRC for files from ZIP-archives, greatly improved progress indication and batch processing ability
  • ROMAlyzer fixes: ROM status determination for special no-dump ROMs (MAME & MESS) and sets that need no ROMs at all (MESS-only)
  • New ROMAlyzer functionality: a checksum wizard with an optional set repair function, a set rewiter to rewrite clean new sets, the determination of the merge-status of each individual ROM / CHD file and a copy to clipboard function for an individual set’s analysis report (as formatted ASCII text)
  • Embedder improvements: use of additional space for maximized embedded emulator windows, nicer maximization-toggle
  • New embedder functionality: automatic emulator pausing / resuming when its window gets hidden / shown, process status indication through traffic-light icons
  • General improvements and fixes: optimized / faster log widgets, all game/machine detail images now contain a context menu with a copy to clipboard item
  • New support for a number of players column in all game/machine lists

The emulator configuration templates are synced with MAME 0.142 and MESS 0.141. If required, updates to the MESS templates for 0.142 will follow as soon as it’s available.

For details, please see the change-log of the current release.

Have fun,

The QMC2 dev-team