Monthly Archive: July 2011

Versioning pattern changed

Note that beginning with SVN revision 2937 we are using a different versioning pattern!

We now just count the releases and follow the simple scheme ‘0.XX’, where XX is the release number. So the next version – which would’ve been called ‘0.2.b21’ following the old scheme – now becomes ‘0.34’ (because we’ve had 33 releases before).

The main reason for this was that some users were irritated by the ‘b’ in the old version string (and QMC2 is far from ‘beta’). But there were more good reasons for it as well… for instance, it’s hard to make a decision when to increase the major or minor release numbers, or when a new “milestone” has been reached. QMC2 is always “in the flow” and evolves together with the emulators it drives (MAME & MESS up until today).

Therefore a simple sequential versioning scheme appears much better suited.