Monthly Archive: February 2012

Updated Ubuntu packages for 0.35

Marcelo Bossoni has updated his Ubuntu packages to QMC2 0.35!

Support for Lucid Lynx (10.04) has been dropped because the Qt 4.7+ requirement is no longer fulfilled. Support for Precise Pangolin (12.04) has been added.

Note that Marcelo has split the package into the variants: qmc2-sdlmame and qmc2-sdlmess (plus the common packages qmc2-data and qmc2-runonce). Users of the older qmc2 package from his repository (prior to 0.35) must first remove it!

See download section for details!

QMC2 0.35 released

The MAME developers have uploaded their 15th anniversary edition (0.145) last night which makes it a good time for the long-awaited QMC2 0.35 release ;).

Congratulations to all MAME (and MESS) developers for their 15th anniversary! We all love this project and you deserve a big thank you — keep up the excellent work!

The most important highlights for QMC2 0.35 include:

  • Major overhaul of the software-list support: multi-device software-list entries, automatic vs. manual mount-device selection, mixable parts from different software-list entries, a new dock-able/floating software-detail widget with a separate snapshot-browser, a ProjectMESS software-lookup feature and an HTML editor/viewer for personal rich-text software-notes, software-compatibility filtering, software-list loading can be interrupted now and is better indicated through the GUI, software-list export tool, …
  • Emulator embedding now also works on Windows! Note, however, that there are known issues for emulators running in Direct 3D mode (‘-video d3d’) which we can’t probably solve front-end wise.
  • Changed the MESS device configuration so it offers available device-instances based on the slot-options specified, thus allowing to mount them as well (through the legacy device-mapper and the file-chooser). Also, default slot-options are now correctly pre-selected.
  • YouTube video-player: added a semi-transparent overlay widget to display status information at the bottom of the player’s viewport.
  • Added a new MESS wiki detail to look up available driver information (MESS targets only).
  • Allow for hiding of pure BIOS and/or device sets in all master-lists.
  • Selectable default launch-mode used when starting emulation by activating (i.e. double-clicking) an entry in any list.
  • All image widgets got an additional context-menu item (‘refresh’) to clear and reload their cache slots individually.
  • Game/machine icons are now also shown on the tab headers of embedded emulators.
  • ZIP support for software-snapshots has been added (as promised).
  • ROM state filtering can now be enabled/disabled on-the-fly and is thus no longer a must.
  • New logos for both variants, (optional) splash screens and new application icons for Mac OS X to be associated with the apps were added.
  • Lots of important bug-fixes (we took great effort to find and fix all major bugs before doing this release, and hope that nothing important slipped through) and numerous improvements throughout the code.

The source code is now available in the download section. As always, expect updated binary packages within the next few hours and days.

For more details, please see the change-log of the current release.

Have fun,

The QMC2 dev-team

We’re searching for translators!

Note that we’re searching for QMC2 translators and people who want to support qualifying & maintaining existing translations. If you are interested and want to get involved, please contact us!

Be aware, though, that doing a new translation from scratch means a) a little learning curve regarding Qt’s internationalization tools in case you haven’t worked with them before (mainly Qt Linguist) and b) is a remarkable amount of work initially. However, once this is done, all later regular updates shouldn’t be too heavy. Also, being familiar with basic SVN commands (or tools) wouldn’t hurt. An absolute requirement is a account in order to get SVN write access!

We appreciate any type of contribution, be it just a singular patch or more than that, but we prefer a long-term commitment, especially when you would like to take over the maintainer-job for a translation. Translations are no static thing, they require regular updates as the project evolves, and someone to take care of this!

The current status of the existing translations is this:

  • US English (us): maintained by René Reucher: up-to-date, no support required
  • German (de): maintained by René Reucher: up-to-date, no support required
  • Polish (pl): maintained by Julian Sikorski: up-to-date, support requested
  • Portuguese (pt): maintained by Marcelo Bossoni: up-to-date, support may be welcome
  • French (fr): maintained by Vincent Bousquet: out-of-date, support required, might need a new maintainer
  • Feel free to add your language here ;-)!

Thanks in advance,

The QMC2 dev-team