Monthly Archive: May 2012

U.M.E. support added to SVN

Now that 0.36 is finally released, we have taken the time to add support to our development tree for U.M.E. — Universal Machine Emulator, a unified version of MAME and MESS in just one binary. It’s more or less officially supported now since MAME/MESS 0.146, so it was time to add a front-end for it (and QMC2 appears to be the first front-end supporting it, BTW 😉 )!

Check out our test-builds for updated binaries: Win32 / openSUSE / Ubuntu / Mac OS X

QMC2 0.36 released

Today we can proudly announce the release of QMC2 0.36 which is synced to MAME/MESS 0.146 (also released today)!

Besides many bug-fixes, the major changes and additions this time include:

  • General: polished MAME variant logo from JacKc, improved support for foreign emulators (can now have individual foreign IDs), zlib integration, added tear-off capability to all menus, replaced the MESS wiki driver feature added in 0.35 with a ProjectMESS system search (the MESS wiki’s data got trashed, and ProjectMESS is the new de-facto #1 resource for all things MESS!), support for new ROM audit output, improved responsiveness when loading cached XML data, experimental support for Qt 5
  • ROMAlyzer: speed up merge-processing by indexing XML look-ups, interpret new emu-states correctly, log possible XML merge-info bugs, support for CHD v5, allow for saving the ROMAlyzer log to a file
  • MESS device mapper: sort slot-options alphanumerically, add a separator between ‘not used’ and available options, allow disabling of default slot-options and indicate them as such
  • MiniWebBrowser: allow new (pop-up) browser windows to be created, change zoom with the mouse-wheel (+ Ctrl), enabled the use of QtWebKit’s Web Inspector for non-developer builds
  • YouTube video-player: new media icons, support pasting a YouTube video URL onto the player itself (starts playback without attaching the video)
  • Translations: 5 new translations for Italian (WIP), Romanian (mostly complete), Spanish (complete), Swedish (WIP) and Greek (WIP) were added
  • Mac OS X builds: avoid using xcodebuild for Qt 4.8+ (this means that XCode 4 no longer is an issue when a self-compiled Qt 4.8+ installation is used! Nokia’s binary package still relies on XCode, but qmake then creates incompatible output for XCode 4)

The source code is now available in the download section. Expect updated binary packages within the next few days.

For more details, please refer to the change-log of the current release.

Have fun,

The QMC2 dev-team