Monthly Archive: December 2012

Introducing QMC2 Arcade

Here’s a little teaser for an upcoming new feature called QMC2 Arcade, a QML based new graphical mode for people that want to go straight into the games… it has been implemented as a standalone application which works only on the data in QMC2’s cache files, so it still needs the full-blown front-end, but once the emulator’s data is cached, QMC2 Arcade can run independently (and starts up rather quickly).

There’s currently only one theme called ToxicWaste which will work with MAME (or UME). A MESS-specific theme will be done in the not too distant future, and additional ones will be added for both on the long run.

Special thanks go to JacKc who did an excellent job in creating a beautiful cabinet overlay image! (BTW, clicking it will make it flip to its backside, which has some additional information about each game and a viewer for all related images.)

It’s already working quite nicely, especially when run in OpenGL mode, however, it still needs some polishing and the integration in QMC2’s main UI isn’t done yet.