Monthly Archive: November 2013

QMC2 0.41 released

QMC2 0.41 has been released today!

The MAME/MESS team decided to change their release model and no longer produce u-releases, so the intervals between two major releases are a lot shorter than before. We still want to keep in sync with them, but this obviously means fewer changes between two QMC2 releases.

However, we still have some nice additions for you this time :). Most importantly, QMC2 Arcade received support for mapping (theme-specific / native) key-sequences to any other key-sequences and/or joystick-functions. And Qt CHDMAN GUI is now scriptable – for more information see our new qchdman-related wiki-page.

This version is in sync with MAME/MESS/UME 0.151. Please see the change-log below for details!

The source code is now available in the download section. As always, expect updated binary packages within the next few hours and days!

Have fun,

The QMC2 dev-team