Monthly Archive: August 2014

Upcoming new ROMAlyzer features

Wanted to let all of you know about new ROMAlyzer features that were added in SVN recently:

  • Check-sum database
    • Used to store & retrieve pointers to files in your local file-system(s) and the SHA-1 / CRC-32 check-sums of the data they carry.
  • ROM Collection Rebuilder
    • Reproduces complete ROM collections from scratch in the background from the data stored in the check-sum database.

You can grab (intermediate) Win32 builds including these features (and more updates/fixes) from our forum. The openSUSE SVN builds are also up to date. Please consider giving us feedback since this is fairly new and could probably require some further improvement, although we’re pretty confident it’s ready for prime time now… or if you like it the way it works, you should tell us as well 🙂 .