Monthly Archive: November 2015

QMC2 0.58 released

QMC2 0.58 has been released! It’s in sync with MAME 0.168 which was released earlier today.

This time the most important feature addition is the support for custom artwork (image) classes that you can define locally and use just like any built-in artwork class throughout QMC2 (including QMC2 Arcade, but only the ToxicWaste theme has support for it at the moment). Within this context you’re also able now to select parent fallback behavior individually (per artwork class) so that for example images for high scores wouldn’t be taken from a parent whereas other artwork classes would use the fall back mechanism (this feature is available for all types of custom or built-in artwork, including icons and video snaps).

See change-log below for details!

The source code is now available in the download section. As always, expect updated binary packages within the next few hours and days.

Have fun,

The QMC2 dev-team