QMC2 0.67 released

QMC2 0.67 has been released. It’s synced with MAME 0.177 which was released yesterday!

This is mainly a bug-fix release. It contains an important fix for the Mac OS X platform where loading from cached data caused an endless loop during start-up. Sorry about that :)!

The source code is now available in the download section. As always, expect updated binary packages within the next few hours and days.

Have fun,

The QMC2 dev-team

Full change-log for 0.67:

  • fix: build: corrected the VC++ project generation script to use bundled zlib / minizip
  • fix: options: fixed icon size adjustment for a tool-button added in 0.66
  • fix: Mac OS X: avoid start-up deadlock and make -cc work again
  • fix: device configurator: systems that have no slot-device instances for default slot-options weren’t customizable
  • imp: added a ‘show all’ item to the software-list visibility menu (shown when at least one software-list is currently hidden)
  • imp: updated category.ini to MAME 0.177
  • imp: emulator configuration templates updated to MAME 0.177 (added new core render options ‘autostretchxy’ and ‘unevenstretchy’)