Monthly Archive: February 2017

QMC2 0.183 released

QMC2 0.183 has been released! We’re now using the same version as the corresponding MAME release (see relevant post below), and this time it’s actually required to use MAME 0.183 when updating to QMC2 0.183 because the -listslots output has changed.

Besides a few important bug-fixes we’ve improved a number of primarily software-list related things, added support for system- and software-manuals and made each component’s current tab switchable via context-menus of the tab-headers. See the change-log below for more details!

Note also that we’ve just recently discovered a restriction of the ROMAlyzer / Collection Rebuilder in that it doesn’t support individual dumps that are larger than 2 GB. We know how to “fix” this, but the change is rather big, so it’s been postponed for after this release. I hope and think it will work in the next release, but that’s no promise. For now, if you’re using the ROMAlyzer / Collection Rebuilder to manage your ROMs, please use an exclude filter for “hapyfsh2”, which is the first and (so far) only set that’s blowing it up due to QByteArray’s 2 GB limitation (BT #142).

The source code is now available in the download section. As always, expect updated binary packages within the next few hours and days.

Have fun,

The QMC2 dev-team