QMC2 0.183 released

QMC2 0.183 has been released! We’re now using the same version as the corresponding MAME release (see relevant post below), and this time it’s actually required to use MAME 0.183 when updating to QMC2 0.183 because the -listslots output has changed.

Besides a few important bug-fixes we’ve improved a number of primarily software-list related things, added support for system- and software-manuals and made each component’s current tab switchable via context-menus of the tab-headers. See the change-log below for more details!

Note also that we’ve just recently discovered a restriction of the ROMAlyzer / Collection Rebuilder in that it doesn’t support individual dumps that are larger than 2 GB. We know how to “fix” this, but the change is rather big, so it’s been postponed for after this release. I hope and think it will work in the next release, but that’s no promise. For now, if you’re using the ROMAlyzer / Collection Rebuilder to manage your ROMs, please use an exclude filter for “hapyfsh2”, which is the first and (so far) only set that’s blowing it up due to QByteArray’s 2 GB limitation (BT #142).

The source code is now available in the download section. As always, expect updated binary packages within the next few hours and days.

Have fun,

The QMC2 dev-team

Full change-log for 0.183:

  • fix: corrected the start-up restoration of the currently selected machine when said machine is hidden in the main view (aka ‘full detail view’) due to ROM state filtering
  • fix: template check: when a (presumably) boolean type option changes its semantic, make sure that the check at least sees the changed default (example: the ‘sound’ option in current MAME)
  • fix: correctly honor the ShowROMStatusIcons setting in the main view when the machine list is loaded from cache
  • fix: system-notes: got rid of some MAME/MESS/UME leftovers (OMG!) which prevented titles from being displayed in system-notes when they were (7-)zipped
  • imp: updated category.ini to MAME 0.183
  • imp: updated PDF.js to a newer git revision (as of 30-JAN-2017), now pre-built with gulp
  • imp: changed the category- and version-views to do an ascending sort of the category or version column before running the actual sort on the current criteria upon creation
  • imp: avoid UI flicker when initially creating the category- or version-views
  • imp: updated the emulator configuration templates to MAME 0.183 (changed the ‘sound’ option to correspond with current MAME)
  • imp: improved the main setup dialog’s (former) Machine-list tab (now called Machine- / Software-lists) by reorganizing the different options in separate sections
  • imp: software-lists: get rid of using a temporary file for looking up mountable devices for the current slot setup, use the standard input channel instead (we actually got rid of using a temporary file completely, so the corresponding setting has been removed as well)
  • imp: device configurator: adopted MAME’s new formatting of the -listslots output (this means that MAME 0.183 is required now!)
  • imp: component setup: when a feature isn’t allowed to be removed (i.e. the per-machine emulator configuration), indicate this by disabling the deactivate button
  • imp: the context-menu of each component’s tab-widget is now accessible by right-clicking the header (instead of a small area above it)
  • imp: software-lists: use list:name instead of list:name:part when generating software-specific arguments
  • imp: software-lists: added a (temporary) workaround for launching ColecoVision™ cartridge images (see MT bug #6504)
  • imp: device configurator: a loading animation is shown when the slot info cache has to be recreated (the previous indication for this was too subtle)
  • new: the last ten machine search patterns that were added to the drop-down list (i.e. by pressing Return or Enter) are saved and restored now
  • new: added a relaunch setup wizard item to the tools menu which will stop and restart QMC2 with the -r command line option
  • new: software-lists: added support for saving and restoring the last selected software item per system (BT #140)
  • new: added support for system- and software-manuals (in PDF format), allowing the use of an external PDF viewer (system default) as an alternative to the internal one which doesn’t work everywhere (BT #141, BT #116)
  • new: each component’s current tab can also be switched through the tab-widget header’s context-menu now (BT #134)
  • inf: changed the versioning scheme to match MAME’s version from now on (due to popular demand) – this should avoid confusion in the future