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New site layout / QMC2 0.1.b7 released

As the attention for QMC2 along with the amount of work for the project is steadily increasing, we think it’s time for a new site layout. The old look was a bit too dry and boring… we hope you enjoy the new appearence!

Today we also release QMC2 0.1.b7 (), which contains major improvements to allow for system-wide configuration and installation. This should make maintainers for binary packages happy. You still don’t have to install QMC2 in order to run it, but it’s recommended.

This version is required to cleanly support SDLMAME 0.111+, which changed the way it reports missing ROMs!

IMPORTANT: the old place for the configuration file (which was $HOME/.config/qmc2.ini) will NO LONGER be used! Its new place is $HOME/.qmc2/qmc2.ini. If you want to reuse your old configuration, you’ll have to copy it manually! Otherwise it will be created automatically with a minimal startup configuration.