Online docs from SVN repository / Development status

To better keep you informed of any changes made to the project documentation, the online docs presented here are now directly taken from the SVN repository. This also makes it easier to keep this site up-to-date :).

You’ll see that we are making great progress with 0.1.b10. The only missing feature – of those planned for this release – is the removal of obsolete image or sample files. Also, some of the new features (esp. the new sample checker) haven’t been tested with XMAME yet.

Current development status / QMC2 included in ZXMameCD

It’s been a long time without any news… but that doesn’t mean the development of QMC2 has stopped – it’s the opposite :)!

There have been a lot of updates to the SVN development tree in the meantime. Apart from the usual bug fixes and minor enhancements, QMC2 now also supports Qt 4.3 (pre-release at the time of this writing). The build system has been improved to accomplish the use of distribution-supplied Qt libraries more easily than before, and the look and feel of some GUI elements has been improved as well.

It’s not yet finished, though, because there are some items on the todo-list which need to be completed first (new features). Additional to the changes so far, 0.1.b10 will include new dialogs to check sound-samples, preview- and flyer-images. The current way of checking previews is crap and definitely needs some polishment… you will also be able to check the state of ROMs individually when 0.1.b10 is ready. It will probably also include support for game icons (MAMU’s icons for example).

Stay tuned (and/or use the SVN codebase :)!

On another story, I just recently recognized that QMC2 0.1.b9 is included in ZXMameCD 0.45 (a MAME live CD project)! That’s great news. QMC2 appears to gain some momentum in the community. Thanks!

QMC2 0.1.b9 released / Flyer compression and clone view

QMC2 v0.1.b9 has been released today. Thanks to all who contributed to this release, which is a major step forward to our goal of a 0.1 final version! However, many of the planned features for 0.1 are still in the works, so we call it a beta, even though it’s fairly stable for what has been implemented already (don’t blame us, if not :).

There are several new features this time, the most important ones being the support of preview / flyer compression and a new hierarchical parent/clone view to the list of games.

See change-log for more information.

QMC2 0.1.b8 released

Today we proudly announce the release of QMC2 v0.1.b8!

This version includes a fair amount of work to fix and improve issues regarding SDLMAME and system-wide (pre-)configuration. It also introduces several new features such as support for flyer images, built-in GUI style support and a ROM state filter.

Please note that Qt 4.2.0+ is required now, Qt 4.1 support has been dropped! This release has been developed using Qt 4.2.2.

New site layout / QMC2 0.1.b7 released

As the attention for QMC2 along with the amount of work for the project is steadily increasing, we think it’s time for a new site layout. The old look was a bit too dry and boring… we hope you enjoy the new appearence!

Today we also release QMC2 0.1.b7 (), which contains major improvements to allow for system-wide configuration and installation. This should make maintainers for binary packages happy. You still don’t have to install QMC2 in order to run it, but it’s recommended.

This version is required to cleanly support SDLMAME 0.111+, which changed the way it reports missing ROMs!

IMPORTANT: the old place for the configuration file (which was $HOME/.config/qmc2.ini) will NO LONGER be used! Its new place is $HOME/.qmc2/qmc2.ini. If you want to reuse your old configuration, you’ll have to copy it manually! Otherwise it will be created automatically with a minimal startup configuration.