Style sheets

Installation and activation

To install a style sheet, simply unpack the archive somewhere in your file system. Then select the style sheet (.qss file) from within QMC2 to activate it. See Tools -> Options -> GUI -> Style sheet.

Important notes

In order to circumvent a Qt bug with relative paths in style sheets (image URLs), we have to change the current working directory to the one where the style sheet has been extracted. This has a minor impact, because MAME will use the current working directory for all of its outputs as per default (it creates sub-directories in place as needed). To avoid that, make sure to fully setup all emulator-related paths within QMC2 (global emulator options), or specify the working directory that’s used when the emulator is executed, which will – besides avoiding the need to specify any emulator related paths (in case of the default setup) – circumvent this potential issue cleanly.

If you should have style sheets to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

QMC2-compatible Qt style-sheets (QSS)

Addons to desktop-styles in order to circumvent display problems
Stylesheet name / link
Last update Remarks

Author: R. Reucher

06-OCT-2015 This add-on style sheet is for use with the Oxygen KDE 4 style for better readability of the ROM status.
Complete style-sheets
Stylesheet name / link
Last update Preview

Author: Diego F. Manzano

 22-SEP-2016  qmc2-diefer

Author: R. Reucher

06-OCT-2015 qmc2-machinery

Author: R. Reucher

06-OCT-2015 qmc2-xmas

Author: R. Reucher

06-OCT-2015 qmc2-fire

Author: R. Reucher

06-OCT-2015 qmc2-black

Author: R. Reucher

06-OCT-2015 qmc2-metal

Author: R. Reucher

06-OCT-2015 qmc2-sandy